Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Late Harvest 1L


Petra Late Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a more mellow and slightly sweet with a ripe fruit flavour.

Petra Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high polphenol Extra Virgin Olive Oil, characterised by the ‘robust’ and ‘pungent’ character of True Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Note: ‘Pungency’ is a highly regarded trait in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, associated with high polyphenols, strong flavour and the associated Health Benefits.

It is usually produced from Spanish (Nevadillo Blanco and WA Mission) and Greek (Koroneiki) varieties picked closer to the time of full ripeness.

Fresh, grassy aromas complement the mellow flavours achieved from the pressing of riper fruit.

Although this is our most ‘mellow’ EV Olive Oil, it is still more ‘robust’ in flavour than supermarket offerings, as it is REAL Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Freshness is vital to premium EV olive oil.

All Petra Extra Virgin Olive Oil is always a vibrant, fresh and worthy accompaniment to fine food.

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