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Petra Olive Oil Petra Olive Oil

Featured in The West Australian newspaper FRESH section:


Petra Olive Oil Estate - The Making of REAL Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Petra


At Petra Olive Oil Estate we grow nine varieties of olives (Italian, Spanish, Greek & French) which are separately harvested (hand-picked), FIRST COLD-PRESSED and blended on site to produce our execptional quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Because we are a SINGLE ESTATE Producer, Petra Extra Virgin Olive Oils have a "sense of place" that is valued by discerning users who appreciate the particular characteristics of flavour and aroma that are unique to a specific environment and micro climate.

As different varieties of olives ripen at different times in the season and individual trees may even bear fruit of varying ripeness, we achieve the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil by carefully selecting the fruit when it is ready for pressing. The olive varieties are cold-pressed separately to ensure they reach the perfect level of ripeness for the desired style. The oil is then blended to create the Extra Virgin Olive Oils that are unique to Petra Olive Oil Estate.

The accepted standards of Extra Virgin Olive Oil internationally, and in Australia, are Olive Oil that has an acidity level of <0.8% and a high polyphenol count (as high as 500ppm). Petra Extra Virgin Olive Oils typically achieve an acidity level of <0.2% and a polyphenol count of 430-450ppm. At Petra Olive Oil modern technology and traditional methods are used . . . our Boutique Olive Press operates with small batches to ensure the above exacting standards are readily met. This involves the crushing of the fruit by hammermill, a mixing process ('malaxation') to separate the oil molecules from the water, then extraction by centrifuge to separate the oil from the waste remnants of the fruit.

The final phase of cleaning the oil and further separation from water is achieved in some systems through a vertical centrifuge followed by filtering. At Petra our state-of-the-art Olive Press utilises the NATURAL and GENTLE process of gravity separation in a glass decanter known as the 'Florentine Vase'. By limiting the exposure to agitation, this process fully preserves the FRESH FLAVOURS and TASTE of the oil as well as the unique HEALTH BENEFITS that can only be gained from a PREMIUIM EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. The finished product is then stored in vaccum-sealed stainless steel tanks to settle for about six weeks.

In summary, to ensure the INTEGRITY, QUALITY and FRESHNESS of PETRA OLIVE OIL, the fruit is COLD-PRESSED within 24 hours of picking (FIRST COLD-PRESSED); the olive oil is stored in vacuum-sealed stainless steel tanks; and the olive oil is bottled on demand in small batches.

At Petra, we pride ourselves on producing Extra Virgin Olive Oils with the best TASTE and the GREATEST HEALTH BENEFITS!


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